Legal framework

The database contains the main instruments of international and regional law on asylum, migration and the protection of migrants and refugees. It also includes legislation in force in the countries of the region on migration and asylum.

International right

The section contains the main conventions, treaties and resolutions that make up the international regulations on migration and asylum and the human rights of migrants and refugees. It also includes the main instruments of international humanitarian law and documents of the organs of the United Nations system on issues related to migration and asylum.

Inter-american law

In this section you will find the treaties and conventions developed both in the Mexico-Central America region and within the framework of the Organization of American States on migration and asylum. In terms of human rights, you will find a compilation of some of the main documents of the Inter-American Human Rights System relevant to the protection of migrants and refugees.


Current national legislation

In this space you will find the current national legislation regarding migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in each country of the Mexico – Central America region.

Bilateral and multilateral agreements

Bilateral or multilateral agreements are binding contracts between two or more parties, who have agreed on a series of mutually acceptable terms for both parties.