2013 report

informe2013INEDIM has stood out this year for carrying out research projects on migration issues of national and international relevance. The institute worked in a special way on the issue of migration and security; in migratory training in various states of Mexico and carried out a complete study on the hiring and recruitment of migrant workers and access to social security in the different migratory systems of the region.

2011 report

informe20112011 was a year painted with chiaroscuro on the immigration issue. The Mexican State more concerned about its international image than interested in the construction of structural and long-term solutions, continues to act from reactivity, avoiding the public, plural and transparent debate necessary for the much-demanded construction of a comprehensive State migration policy.

2010 report

informe2010INEDIM is still a young organization, which continues in the construction of its identity and capacities, our involvement with the AGP demonstrated that there was space and need for organizations and initiatives aimed at supporting the synergy and connection of the efforts of civil society organizations each.

Report 2009

informe2009INEDIM presented its 2009 Annual Activity Report which was approved by its Board of Directors and is available to you. We would appreciate if you send your comments, observations or questions about our work.