INEDIM – Institute of Studies and Dissemination on Migration Website Back

INEDIM or Institute of Studies and Dissemination on Migration was founded in 2009 as an independent non-profit organization that analyzed, studied and disseminated specialized information on migration and asylum in Mexico and Central America. It grew out of efforts alleviate the conditions of Central American Refugees as they passed through or remained in Mexico. Some remained because they were killed and buried there. Others remained because they were arrested and detained there. Many remained because they were captured by cartels who trafficked them or put them to work as slaves in cartel factories or industries.

The organization captured the attention of grant awarding agents like the MacArthur Foundation, from which it received 3 grants totaling $975,000. During the early 2010s it ran an informative website that raised public awareness of the problems associated with migration from Central America through Mexico. During the later part of the 2010s, the website faltered, going offline for a while, coming back briefly, then dying completely.

With migration being the issue of the 21st Century, it seemed to us that this website with all of its information on the problems in passing through Mexico was too important to let it pass into oblivion. We are going to bring it back as a historical record. We are also going to provide it in English with Spanish translation.

So see everything back here, soon. While we wait, you can contact us if you like.

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